Margarita Curling Links

The official website of the European Curling Federation
Curlers Corner.
Our own Margarita Curling Store!
Curling equipment (brooms, shoes, etc.), nice people, Calgary based. Ask for Bernice!
The official website of the World Curling Federation
The manufacturers of the Curlstick, if your knees have given up on you, or your back not what it used to be: This might be your solution!
Not only a large database with hundreds of curlers and clubs, also a news section, pictures from various events, chat, etc.
The King of Curling.
A new and refreshing way of looking at our favourite sport!
Curling in Iceland, who wouldn't go there for curling and to enjoy the fabulous scenery?
The homepage of the English Ladies team.
The largest curling site of North America. Lots of info about major events, club info and lots of Canadian and international links.
Stephen Hinds
The International Curling Information Network Group
The Curling History page
Internet Curling Club
A Canadian site with lots of info
Luxemburg Curling

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