Margarita CC History

The Margarita Curling Club
was born at a meeting of

Chris Robinson

Gordon Lyon

Stephen Hinds and

Markus Fischer

in Sina's Pub in Wengen, Switzerland in December 1991 as an antidote to the politics of National Curling Associations and as a means of finding like-minded curlers, who wanted to curl for the old values of the game, fair play, friendship on and off the ice and international goodwill.

Since that date and early 1992 when the Club was formalised, membership has grown as the philosophy of the members has spread throughout Europe and beyond. 

Among the high points in the Club's short history have been the 14-member tour to the Brandon World Championships in 1995, the running of our own Margarita Cocktail Bar at the World Championships in Berne, Switzerland in 1997 which smashed the record for monies taken during the week (not to mention the livers of the customers!) and our formal recognition by the Royal Caledonian Curling Club in June 1999.

The Club moved forward into the New Millenium with a large gathering at the Glasgow 2000 Worlds in April, an annual Margarita bonspiel alternating between the members countries and further in the future, an ambitious plan to tour Australia and New Zealand in 2001 - A Margarita Odyssey (or Oddity).

From a small shot of Tequila, a large cocktail has been mixed with Members in Vancouver in the West to Auckland in the East and under the influence (!) of President Chris Robinson (who is frequently under the influence), the Mix is only going to get stronger."

The Margarita Curling Club now has more than
200 members from 17 countries on 4 continents.

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